Alexander Artemov showed a video with his car

To boast the gift rushed and the girl herself. Alexander was quite surprised by this unexpected surprise, because, according to the ex-participants, such spending did not enter into the plans of their family. In addition, a couple of days ago Sasha presented a video from the salon, which depicted, as Eugene gives her the keys, the site says life-dom2.su.

Infiniti QX70 black with cream leather interior very impressed not only Sasha, but also her fans. Cousin car cost 3 million rubles. The truth is such a gift for the second half Eugene believes is well deserved.

“Yes, we already knew that the car he was given. How much can you grind it’s like we are from the interior of the car has not seen?”, “Well, where is this family took the money? Night drew?” – asked the fans of “House 2”.