Alex Cicic spoke about the pairs finalists

In the conflict, Yulia and Nikita, I see a hybrid form of warfare, where each party plays and attacking on its own. Julia in his manner, aggressive, abrasive, and Nikita in her, cool as a cucumber. Each party is trying covertly to hurt each other, bringing on the emotions so to speak and getting points in the piggy Bank, but realize that all this against the background of the competition and each pair will do anything to win, and to win over the viewer. Julia relies on the fact that they are sincere in their emotions that they fight, they make is not always warm and even were infidelity, but that they are life and sincere relations, ostensibly Nikita fake. And Nikita speaks for the warmth, kindness and calm, like a mantra, reading, about ideals and that no change, no betrayals, no fights. So let’s say every member of the audience finds in the pairs part of himself.
To me personally, of course, as a man for family, for relationships are looking more pair Nikita and Darina, im in good time for the perimeter to educate children. But as for the draft, the relationship of Julia and Seryozha more interesting because they are still in the formative stage, where people are not ready for family and relationships are full of latent problems. Watch more interesting for Julia and Sergey, because the passions almost every day, and Nikita and Darina is a safe haven and form a complete family where everyone has their own role and responsibilities. And he thinks the audience is and who will win in this confrontation we will see later.