Alex Cicic knows how does a man in love

I began to notice not a good trend, namely, when girls don’t appreciate good men. It’s like a disease or injury in which the girl may not realize just heat and seriousness, one who appreciates and loves her like a childhood trauma. She wants an asshole who will insult and instead of Dating the blame here that many people like. After all it is emotions, which are so necessary as oxygen.
And should it be otherwise, loving man, he’s a kid, he’s worried about you, if in the morning you’re not in bed, he was frightened, even if for a split second, but upset that he wants to give you a hug, falling asleep, waking up next to, to feel the steady breathing and warmth, he will always stroke your hair, like a dog to smell your scent, so he that he to his oxygen, he will prepare you, not to shout, but where my food? He wants to give, asking nothing in return, this love, to give, to give warmth and tenderness. He is mad at and laugh with you, to remove funny videos of, say, how beautiful are you without makeup, you do not need that you are the most beautiful in this world, to cherish you.
But what about TV shows at night? Joint lying in bed, because it is the best romance! Not in restaurants, and at home! Got some Goodies and under the blanket to you, to feed you and kiss your hands, kiss you behind your ear, to say how beautiful your dress, how beautiful your curves.
Pleasure to pick you up and take you to wild places on the banks of the ocean. Down, run with you, after you sit at the back and embracing, you will understand that it is your world. But what about the flights where the turbulence you are pressed against each other and I feel like the armor safely, you are close and you are happy, that is love. If he loves you, he trusts you, he will not be without reason to be jealous of you because you are his whole world and he will respect your freedom does not become lock 7 locks, he understands everything, even get angry.

He will also be with cockroaches and you will fight, above all, that after passionately up in bed, that the quarrel was like a spark for even more passion. Love is when the CE*becomes so magical that you don’t see the other, always like the first time and it’s fine. If he loves, he will understand, accept your flaws because they are part of you.