Alex Cicic kept his promise to Olga Buzova

I’m a longtime fan of Olin. The story of colors is interesting. Being on the Islands, I was expecting her arrival, and she knew that I want to see her. Said that I’m the main fan. When we met, I was asked to shoot a short video with greetings, she agreed and said, “so, where’s my bouquet?”. I happily gave him, but on the island of flowers there, and we did not go with him, I felt awkward and said that corrected. I was sent for clearing on the next day, and I waited for her arrival. When she arrived, I chose the day I wanted to give her flowers after the presentation of her new songs, ordered by courier flowers and when they arrived, the flowers I was disappointed, wanted the best for her, was upset and did not give. The next day I waited for her in a clearing and didn’t want the children saw neither the flowers nor the attention, he wanted to do it in private, when she arrives. And so it happened, I kept my promise, I wanted to make her happy and nothing more, was glad to see smile, this is the reward.