Alex Cicic came up with his girl a mean nickname

Moreover, currently a lot of followers, confident that Alexei turned away from Triandafilidis offensive nickname that he made up himself to girls and so it is now call the Internet. Published on the world wide web a fresh photograph, a young man called his girlfriend “pad**y smelly” that can hardly be taken as a compliment in her address, the website life-dom2.su.

It is unclear how such a travesty responded Elizabeth herself, Triandafilidis. However, subscribers Chichica are convinced that the girl is unlikely to endure and will build boyfriend grandiose debriefing, which is quite likely to result in the final breakup of a couple in love.

“Social networks are great, but when the head is in place. Not my whole life there to merge that you need to keep. Are there few broadcasts and speeches, photos, etc. if no One needs to know in such detail, this is not PR, and nonsense” – was written by the fans of the TV project “House 2”.