Alex Cicic began to be jealous of Lisa, Triandafilidis

To my surprise Alex confessed that he had feelings for me. I didn’t expect to hear this, it took not much time, just three weeks we are together. We decided as friends to try a relationship, but our feelings grew, and every day I realize more and more they grow. But Alex is still afraid of these feelings, I began to be jealous, began to treat me as property of his, he said, so I stopped to chat with the guys I used to chat with boys jealous Gritsenko, although we just chatted with him on the show, he did not like. But in principle, I can say that there is no such, so I was very pushed, I like it when relationships are all perfect, because we now have very fine and breaks that such a situation occur. I’m Alex needed, because Alesha has to me strong feelings.