Alex Cacic told the story of his life on the project

Friends, I want to tell you how really things are, and how I live. We have every day and every hour, waking up at 10:30 a.m. and all day on the plan, besides I can’t go to the gym or read books when I want to, not can! We teach the texts to the scenes of acting, we go out shooting in the city on the show three times a week, and shooting for 5-6 hours and then back, and shooting happen in 3-4 nights! And while not shot, will not go to sleep. The phone, as you know, have to give after 12 at night, sometimes not given at all. Do not think that we are slacking here 24/7 and Yes, it’s not to unload the cars, but still, who was, you will understand that this is work and we get tired, so we all want to escape and go to a club or restaurant, and rarely let go once in two weeks sometimes less. And then Saturday night to morning! A little story of my life on a project!