Alex Cacic believes that Lily Cetraro really does not like

Don’t understand this… about Lily and flowers from Serega. I have seen the moment when flowers were donated, as she took, and it was not the reaction I would like to see from a woman he had wronged and trampled. She ran to find a vase and water for the flowers. What can I say, she forgave him long ago and, of course, is making a kind of “Oh I will not forgive and will not forgive”. We all understand, but another question, is it not so loves himself that he is ready to forgive everything, absolutely everything, even the dirt that was in the relationship. They are sick of the relationship, and people are masochists, let them build such relationships suffer. I know for sure that the perimeter, the pair will crumble at the first light breeze, the Lily will find herself a man, and Serge will change women like gloves.