Ales Klochko told about himself and his character

I want to tell you a little bit about yourself, how often do you ask the same questions about me. Born on 17 September 1989 in the Northern town of Nefteyugansk. 10 years I have dedicated the restaurant business, worked as a supervisor. He studied at the Moscow Academy of Entrepreneurship under Government of Moscow, running a small business, management. Not so long ago moved to Moscow, where I work as a fashion model/model. I’m a slender girl, sporty and well-groomed body, my growth 168 cm green eyes dark hair. My settings 90/65/90. In 2013 I received the naminatsii County beauty contest at the KHMAO: Miss Fitnes, Lady Fashion, Miss fashion Model.
I very much love animals. And my greatest dream is to build a shelter for homeless animals. In free time I visit gym, swimming pool, group classes. Sport means a lot to me. As for my character I am very kind, sociable, charismatic, sentimental, punctual, pedantic. My hobby is cars, photo shoots, sports, animals. I love to travel. Well, now you’ve learned a bit about me. Ask more questions and I will gladly answer them.