Ales Klochko says that the project “House 2” a lot of vile people

After leaving the body of the project “House 2” the Island of love Seychelles, I gained some life experience, survival. Is morally very difficult project, because the project is a lot of hypocrites, mean people! Which in the face of your smile, and behind the saying and spreading horrible rumors. I tried it all close your eyes, but Katya Kuznetsova I was criticized for it, I didn’t reciprocate and didn’t do nasty things to anyone, because, well, knowing me, I might respond harshly, but I didn’t want to do it but just smiled sweetly! After all, why do we need to stoop to their level?! I believe that we need to keep silent and draw their own conclusions about the person than tyafkat like a stray dog! As the saying goes “the Dogs bark, the caravan moves on.”