Ales Kafelnikov showed candid photos in Instagram

Russian model Ales Kafelnikov has published candid shots on Instagram. The daughter of the famous Russian tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov for a long time gives rise to gossip on the Internet.


First there was the scandal with her father, and more recently the media have noticed that the model drugs. Now the interest in the young 18-year-old model fueled a candid photo that she posted to your Instagram.

The picture Ales was uploaded on August 6, but became really popular in this photograph just now, when she looked up hundreds of thousands of people. Users of the social network was quite outraged by such candid photographs, many obscenely expressed to the model, however, there was a huge number and those pictures very much.

It is logical that the model does not pay attention to anger in a network, as it already had previously posted a rather candid photos, and continues to do so, because it is now fashionable among celebrities and ordinary people.