Ales Kafelnikov flew to work during the scandal with drugs

Ales Kafelnikov away from talking about her addiction decided to fly to the shooting. In his model, there are shots which confirm that Ales works.

Now in the family of famous Russian tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov and 18-year-old daughter very difficult times. Rumor has it that the model Ales Kafelnikov started doing drugs and found out about it her father .

Family scandal

The last time the family Kafelnikov on everyone’s lips. Ales gets a room number, and her famous dad about his pain and panic he writes in his social network. Undoubtedly, many support Eugene, but there are those who blame tennis player in the spoiled behavior of his daughter. Like, less need to let her.

However, fans of the family very worried, and I hope that soon father and daughter reconciled.

Filming abroad

Meanwhile, Ales Kafelnikov flew in shooting. Previously, she was intrigued by its subscribers, but did not specify where it flew away.

As it seems, the model is trying through work to distract from depression and addiction.

Judging by the geolocation in the microblogging model, it is now in Monte Negro. The girl starred in the charming and delicate images for famous brand Gucci.

Fans of the model at that time admired the natural beauty of the girl and showered her with flattering comments.

“Very beautiful”, “Cry from your beauty”, “you’re beautiful”, “best Les”, “Unmatched”, “What a delicate way”, “Beauty”, – write fans Kotelnikovo under the. (RUF. and Item. of the author retained approx. Ed.).

We have previously reported, the Russian model Ales Kafelnikov doesn’t want to hear about your father.