Ales Kafelnikov doesn’t want to hear about your father

Model Ales Kafelnikov in his microblog told that he no longer wants to hear about your father.

Famous Russian model Ales Kafelnikov never have a good relationship with his dad – tennis player Yevgeny of Kafelnikov. A scandal erupted between them. This is evidenced by entries in their social networks .

Scandal in the family

Russian athlete Yevgeny Kafelnikov in their social network told subscribers that his daughter Alesya problems with drugs and he is the father is a loser. Tennis player complaining of family problems and receives support from his fans. Many are outraged by the behavior of a spoiled daughter of an athlete.

Fathers and sons

At the same time, the Russian model Ales Kafelnikov is asking fans not to remind her of her father, and admitted that he no longer wants to hear about it.

“I don’t want to hear about it. Dad’s just angry that I don’t want to establish a relationship, and looking for all sorts of reasons,” writes Ales in the microblog.

Rumors that Ales was addicted to drugs dispelled the close friends of the family. Not long ago, the model has been poisoned by alcohol, but not use drugs.

Why Kafelnikov left the house? Fans complain that the conflict in the family arose from the relationship known model with some glib Pigeon.

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