Alena Kravets made accusations against Dana Borisova – 24???

Singer Alena Kravets said that Dana Borisova left her an angry message. TV presenter, in turn, expressed outrage at the behavior of Alena, informs “StarHit”.

In Instagram Kravetz published a screenshot of correspondence with a colleague in show business. Says Alena, Dana didn’t like her remarks. Kravets believes that Borisov allowed myself to use a banned substance, then decided to engage her in conversation.

Alena Kravets and Dana Borisova “When your lifestyle and omission of decency no longer have to say,” Kravets appealed to Borisova.

In response Dana was troubled by the behavior of the singer and publicly denounced her statements.

“Very wrong of you behave, dear Alain, I will not discuss and retell all those nasty hashtags that you put against my name,” said Lou Ferrigno.