Alena Khmelnitskaya made friends with the new wife of Tigran Keosayan

A wise woman Alena Khmelnitskaya decided that she had nothing to share with his new wife’s ex-husband film Director Tigran Keosayan, a marriage which broke up in 2014. On his page in the social network of the famous actress posted a joint photo with the current wife and ex-wife Margarita Simonyan, which caused a misunderstanding and admiration of the fans.

Met and befriended the women at the birthday party of younger daughter of Alena and Tigran Xenia. All the huge family gathered at a picnic in honor of this, but the main event, many still consider the fact that two wives of one man were able to find a common language. However, for Alena, this behavior is not surprising.
“Nothing surprising in this. Time passed and it is the main character of these stories. With Tigran we had lived for 21 years and were family men. Why all this cross? Don’t see the point. Yes, we are no longer together, but we have children. The new family of Tigran also have children, and I think it is absolutely natural that they grow all together.. It’s brothers and sisters, and our task is to make it so they lived in joy and happiness. They should see only parental love, not squabbles and scandals,” said Khmelnitskaya.

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