Aleksandra Sheva is not shy in front of the camera to fill in bottles of alcohol

The behavior of Sasha continues to push her viewers. And although she at times agrees that “goes too far” in terms of availability to men, she still feels guilty, seeing the cause of the problems in the use of alcohol. So, thanks to staff who have published Bush, it becomes obvious that to fix a Sheva is still far away, writes the site life-dom2.su.

She continues to get drunk, and sometimes falls asleep with a bottle of alcohol. Despite the fact that the movie is more like a joke, there is little doubt that this is a very real event. Especially to the same state regularly gets drunk not only Sasha, but also many other islanders.

“And Kupina more than anyone should. No, I don’t want to protect Sheba, but…for some reason out of all the little dirty dog it wanted to do,” “Yes, fake everything! It is seen that Sheva is playing cheap” – expressed his opinion the fans of “House 2”.