Aleksandra Sheva improvised “magic” in front of the cameras

However, despite the remorse, for a long time girls is not enough. Judging by the personnel of the future of broadcast, it becomes clear that Sasha has another favorite new reality show participant – Arai Caban. I should add that he and the young man not play against love, at least for a short period of time, the website life-dom2.su.

Moreover, Aray happy to have used alcohol intoxication Sasha, and now not only participants but viewers are witnessing the depraved scene – impromptu coitus couples.

“Disgrace, what an abomination .why is this crap in the air to show”, “And this is sensational – what in addition is engaged in the entire project and in direct and figurative sense – has found something to condemn – just not everyone dares so mean” – the audience wrote “House 2”.