Alain Vodonaeva spoke about the pros and cons of China

I’m starting to be charmed by China. The fifth city, which strengthened my feelings for the country of contrasts and unique attractions. Love in beauty, in history, in mystery, in magnitude, in brightness, in nature. In speed, in progress, in movement, in life.
Of the minuses: I really disdain is not strong cleanliness (total weight) of the Chinese, I don’t like their faux pas (total weight), the lack of sensitivity and noise. They are terribly slurp, spit (spit), Smoking cigarettes everywhere, screaming/yelling, lead children to pee in the bushes, mostly only speak Chinese.
From the pros: in this country, very beautiful children (unlike adults, sorry). They’re all like from the movie, pictures, paws. And this despite the fact that I’m calm to the children. I am one of those women who don’t scream at the sight of the kids. I see children as people without sopela and syusi Pusey. I talk to them appropriately, like an adult and with respect. I only love your child and love children of my friends and acquaintances, because my friends and acquaintances are great kids. From osinki, as they say … Not in my environment is primitive and the average fellow, with the same children. I have all the cool and interesting. By the way, can throw stones at me, but I, for example, in the face of a child can immediately see who will grow out of it. Is there any intelligence on his face and purpose in mind, or there is emptiness and nothing. So it is with the appearance. Laugh when you say that all babies are beautiful. No, not all. In the same way as adults. Oh, something I not gone for my idea. I’m Pro-China.

Like! Study with trepidation. Observe, absorb, admire, admire, enjoy. A powerful country. Today I arrived in the city of Guyan. Green and at the same time very modern, with skyscrapers and high towers he is among hundreds of hills. A city of style I like. Tomorrow will show you his photos.