Alain Vodonaeva shocked followers candid shots from Bali

Alain Vodonaeva and her husband Alexey Komov spend their honeymoon in Bali, telling about local sights and posting seductive photos in Instagram. Some pictures of Alena provoked a storm of criticism from its subscribers.

Most of all drew a picture in which the ex-participant of “House-2” poses in her robe thrown over his naked body. Subscribers are outraged that the mother of the younger boy publishes on the Internet the pictures and videos so Frank in nature. Immediately started the angry comments: “What a view. Son watching. Or friends son. Shame on you. You’re the mother”, “husband allows it? My wife almost naked on all side sets”, “I would be ashamed for my mother, if she were photographed and exhibited for all to see! It is not know how to attract attention!”

However, Alena herself, as if nothing had happened, he replied: “Not ashamed of what? What happened to my son?”