Al Pacino will star in the Thriller about a serial killer

The star of “Scent of a woman” and “devil’s Advocate” al Pacino is approved for the lead role in the crime film the Hanging man(Hangman).

The film will directed by johnny Martin. The script is already written. Worked on it Michael Cassisi, Charles Hottinger and partly from the Director himself.

The film is based on a fairly dark story of a serial killer, who is afraid of the city. He plays with the people in the game that every time necessarily leads to the death of one of the townspeople.

The character of al Pacino is a detective of high class, which joins forces with another CSI (Karl urban), to catch the villain. In the picture we also see the star of “Gossip girl” Brittany snow, which got the role of a reporter.

Shooting will start on November 17 in the South-East USA, in Atlanta. Premiere date has not yet been determined.

Source: intermedia.ru
Photo: Days.ru

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