Agent Glinnikov commented on the rumors about his hospitalization – 24???

Agent 32-year-old actor Ilya Glinnikov commented on the rumors about his hospitalization. Earlier media wrote that Glinnikov was taken to Sri behalf of the Sklifosovsky after a fight with his beloved Ekaterina Nikulina.

Agent Glinnikov denied the information on the hospitalization of an actor, noting that he is now in Georgia and his “all is well”. He Glinnikov rumors about his fight with Nikulina did not comment, writes “Around.TV”.

Glinnikov Ilya and Ekaterina Nikulina | ?osmopolitan

We will remind that Ilya Glinnikov in the show “the Bachelor” chose his companion Catherine Nikulin. The actor made the girl a proposal and a ring. In the future, the star couple plans to get married and open a restaurant, whose owner will become Nikulina.

Ilya Glinnikov for career and starred in such series as “the University”, “Club”. However, special popularity brought him the role of Gleb Romanenko in the TV series “Interns”.