Again, first time in first class

Where he spent the Day of knowledge, Hope Babkin, Irina Dubtsova, Yuri Zhirkov and Anastasia Tregubova

In this Day of knowledge, the morning was hectic, not only the parents of star children, but also their grandparents. So, my favorite grandson for the first time took the lead in the school Nadezhda Babkina. The grandson of the singer, six-year-old George went into the Lomonosov school Odintsovo district.

Nadezhda G. for this postponed all the Affairs, as well as opening the new season of “Russian Song”, and together with his son and daughter-in-law came for a solemn ruler.

“How could I miss it? This is my family. This is my grandson. This is the most sacred thing for every person. The grandson of me this morning said, “Nadia, I appreciate you so beautiful, is not a people’s coat.” We’ve been laughing at this phrase,” the smiling Babkina.

By the way, on the line, but the hope of Georgievna, was made by the grandson of the singer. He read the poem, and also admitted that he went to the range with your favorite backpack, which he helped to choose the grandmother.

Singer Irina Dubtsova accompanied his son Artem to school for the fifth time. He also went to the fifth class of the Lomonosov school.

“Artem has been going on in fifth grade. We decided that our classical Russian education we just need. We live in the country and not going to go anywhere. To send their children to school abroad, we always have time,” explained the singer. It turns out that four years Artem studied at the Cambridge school, which was entirely in English and with classical European training. But Dubtsova decided to give the baby a Russian education. Moreover, the school is directly under the Windows.

TV presenter Anastasia Tregubova held his son Misha in the first class of school No. 2123 name of Miguel Hernandez.

“The big plus is that first class children are not homeroom teachers and specialized teachers for each subject. Spanish from the first class, but Misha does not occur because the kindergarten he already has an idea about the language, he knows and loves,” — said Nastya. Also in the school the child will be a strong team in Spanish guitars, flamenco dancers and even theatre classes in Spanish. And at the end of the school the child will receive two degrees: a Russian model of education and the European, which should facilitate the admission to the foreign institutions.

In the first grade daughter, “Mrs. Russia 2012”, Inna Zhirkov and famous football player Yuri Zhirkov Milan.

“What a big day today. I admit, tears were welling up in me. Today my little girl went to first grade, time is running so fast, I had two students! We have a holiday today, and Yes, we had on the line — it so happened that for “Sapsan” from Moscow to Saint Petersburg, we arrived late last night, so I had to go on a night and time to pack, to put it mildly, was not, but due to the fact that the costumes were ready and the flowers we brought to the specified address, we have time. This is our life — from the ship to the ball” — said Zhirkov in his microblog.

She also told Znamenitka to choose the school advised her friend Julia Baranovskaya last year. “Today at this school in first grade 7-year-old Milan, here we have translated and elder son Dima. Milan was worried, but everything went well at the line she read the poem. Her brother supported, because a new school in St. Petersburg they went together”, — Inna told.