After the holidays with the eye of Victoria romanet, strange things happen

So, on the vast world wide web users of social networks have repeatedly ridiculed lips romanet, comparing them with the dumplings, as well as the nose, which suffered greatly from a rhinoplasty. Now the eyes of fans of telestroke fell on the eyes of the former participants. For example, a few weeks ago, many speculated on what purpose the girl hides his right eye under the hair extensions, the website life-dom2.su.

However, for a long time such masking was not enough and now the subscribers is absolutely obvious that the girl’s eyes and live our lives. While holidays after a stormy one eye dramatically reduced in size, the other looks like something is about to fall out of orbit or go the other way.

“So noted!”, “I have a question: why, why she have to be so ugly? Really think that after plastic she was pretty?” – was the opinion of the fans youth telestroke.