After the death of her sister the soloist “ivanushek” pressure problems

About the health problems of Andrei Grigoryev-Appolonova told his sister Olga. The singer still can not depart from shock in connection with the death of his sister.

The participant of group “Ivanushki International” Andrey Grigoriev-Apollo grieved the death of sister Julia. The artist does not communicate with the fans and the media, but his relatives argue that the health of the singer is poor.

Since the death of Yulia Grigoryeva-Appolonova has been more than 40 days. From late July her brother Andrew does not publish fresh photos and videos in their accounts in different social networks does not communicate with journalists.

However, the media had a chance to talk to his sister Olga. “Of course, the death of Julia was a blow to him. What can I say, for all of us it was a shock. After the funeral, Andrew is often elevated blood pressure. We advised him to rest more, and he, by contrast, operates continuously to drive away bad thoughts”, — said Olga.

40 days of Julia Andrew arrived in Sochi to visit her grave. From Saratov arrived Olga. It supports the popular performer’s best.

“Give it time. Slowly his life will return to normal. Still, Andrew was very close with Julia. I think fans understand this and not get angry” — said a relative of the singer. Visited the grave of Julia and her husband, namesake of the artist, is unknown.

Around a widower does not subside sensation. Supposedly Andrew married a woman out of greed, and now carefully hiding from the media. Currently, the widower lives in Sochi, in the apartment where he died of his missus, and journalists shy away from. He explains that “great man”.

“I’m the assistant Vice-Prime Minister, I do not want to disclose. It’s hurting my career”, — said the widower. He said that it is hard going through the death of his beloved wife, and expressed the hope that his eminent brother-in-law would not listen to the gossip of the envious.