After surgery, Selena Gomez went to live with her lover

Recently it became known about surgery Selena Gomez, which has had a kidney transplant, given to her by her friend. Surgery took selenium for lupus, from which she was suffering for many years.

About that Gomez told her fans in Instagram, not forgetting to thank a friend. The singer even admitted that now she’s not her friend, and sister. However, Selena did not mention her lover, The singer Weenkd. To many it seemed strange, but media reports have suggested that young people had a quarrel. However, already today it was reported that Gomez and The Weenkd moved in together and now live together. Now the young man has a great responsibility, as his beloved would have to rebuild the body after a complicated surgery kidney transplant


The singer is not able to communicate with reporters, but promised, as soon as she gets better, she can answer questions.