After plastic surgery Lily Chetraru can’t relax in hot countries

A lot of surprise from fans of “House 2” was caused by the fact that Lily Cetraro did not want to go to Thailand, which initially offered Sergei. The girl asked to go to any European country, but not in Thai, stating the fact that she was tired of hot countries and do not intend to in the near future to rest there, the website life-dom2.su.

However, the situation became clear when it became aware of the health problems Liliya. It turned out that, like Marina of Mexico, forced to make a second plastic partition in the nose Cetraro greatly subsided. But worst of all, in the Seychelles heat of the nose of the girl did start to rot.

“Well, they wanted a pug nose that catch, the more free”, “Modellist plastics, what they wanted, and got it” – shared his opinion the fans of “House 2”.