After 10 years of marriage: discussing PHOTOS and VIDEOS from the wedding ceremony of Sergei Zhukov and Regina Burd

A beautiful love story of the musician Sergei Zhukov and his beautiful wife Regina Burd lasts for 10 years, and every year these relations have become stronger and the feelings deeper. 2 months after wedding ceremony couple, fans were able to see another portion of lovers with romantic shots of the ceremony.

We already wrote about the fact that the soloist of group “Hands Up!” Sergey Zhukov and his wife Regina Burd this year decided on a major mystery — the wedding. So, for the sake of such a momentous event, the musician took control of myself and lost 20 pounds, striking colleagues and fans.

It is known that the wedding couple was held in July. But then lovers, Sergei and Regina decided to leave the photos taken in the process of the ceremony, in a private family archive. And an exception was made only recently, showing images that do not stop to discuss on the Network.

Sergey Zhukov has repeatedly admitted that fell in love with Regina Burd at first sight, and after 10 years of marriage, his feelings to his beloved wife only intensified.

Publication of Sergei Zhukov (@sezhukov) Sep 6 2017 9:06 PDT

Recall, together the couple are raising four adorable children.

Tell me anyone that it was possible to love your wife since your first meeting, more than 10 years and on all my life, I would probably not believe immediately. And not just love, respect, support, work together to raise your children together, namely, to fall in love every day stronger and stronger. Regina – an extraordinary woman! At 40, I feel with her, like a lover 18-year-old boy. Somehow, miraculously, she manages for many years to maintain in me a range of feelings, which probably not everyone is meant to feel in this life.

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