Advent in 2017: a calendar of food days

In advent, you must stick to strict restrictions in food. Using the calendar feeds you can properly plan your diet. You will also learn what dishes you can indulge yourself in this period.

In 2017 the traditional Christmas fast begins on November 28. From that day the believers will make significant changes in your diet, eliminating some foods. Fall under the ban of meat dishes and convenience food, eggs and dairy products. During the holidays, guests can treat themselves to fish. However, any relief must be done in accordance with the calendar of food. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru will help you learn about the features of advent, so you can follow all the rules and restrictions.

Advent calendar: food for days

During advent, the daily ration may vary. During this period it is important not only not to violate the Church’s Charter, but not to cause harm to your body. With calendar of food you know what dishes you can cook every day, and which should be avoided.

28 Nov. At the beginning of any post, it is important not to harm your health due to the sharp restriction in food. On this day you can please yourself and your family with fish and other seafood. However, to cook them without using oil.

29 Nov. Xerophagy — vegetarian food, which does not undergo thermal treatment. Permitted foods: fresh vegetables and fruits, breads, dried fruits, nuts, honey. Seasonings and spices except for salt added to food is not recommended.

30 Nov. You can treat yourself to fish dishes. However, the use of oil is still prohibited.

1 Dec. Xerophagy. Allowed meals of plant origin that have not been heat treated.

2, 3 Dec. According to Church regulations, these days you can prepare fish and seafood using vegetable oil.

4 Dec. On this day believers celebrate a Church event — Introduction of the virgin in the Temple. Holidays are allowed to serve fish and not forbidden the consumption of red wine, but in moderation.

5 Dec. Despite the fact that the holiday is over, you can still indulge in your favorite fish dishes. To cook without oil.

6 Dec. The food is subjected to heat treatment, is prohibited. In your diet should be mostly plant foods.

7 Dec. Allowed cooking fish dishes without using oil.

8 Dec. Xerophagy: this day you will again have to be limited to plant foods.

9, 10 Dec. At the weekend you can prepare fish dishes with vegetable or olive oil.

11 Dec. On this day you can diversify your diet cereals, soups, dishes with mushrooms and steamed vegetables. Food should be prepared without adding oil.

12 Dec. Allowed dishes of fish cooked with no oil.

13 Dec. You should exclude food that has passed the heat treatment.

14 Dec. On this day you can prepare fish dishes without oil.

15 Dec. Xerophagy. Completely eliminate from your diet boiled, fried or steamed food.

16, 17 Dec. You can prepare hot food with oil. If desired, you can drink a little red wine.

18 Dec. The weekend passed, and it means that oil is once again a forbidden product. Allowed hot fast food.

19 Dec. The feast of St. Nicholas. Permitted fish dishes with no oil, and wine.

20 Dec. During the day you can consume a plant-based diet with various additives. The use of oil is prohibited.

21 Dec. On this day, you can prepare grilled or broiled food with oil. Time to treat yourself to a delicious advent.

22 Dec. Xerophagy. Forbidden food, the last heat treatment.

23, 24 Dec. They are allowed to cook fish dishes with vegetable and olive oil.

25, 26 Dec. These days eat hot food with oil. Cereals contain many vitamins needed for your body in winter. It is desirable that they be excluded from your diet.

27 Dec. Allowed fresh fruit, vegetables and bread. Habitual sweets replace with honey and dried fruits. They are more healthy and do not violate the prohibitions of advent.

28 Dec. Treat yourself to your favorite hot dishes cooked in vegetable oil.

29 Dec. Before the onset of the weekend you will have to refuse hot food and add to your diet primarily plant-based foods.

30, 31 Dec. Allowed dishes of fish and seafood with oil.

1, 2 Jan. Eliminate from your diet hot dishes cooked in vegetable oil.

3 Jan. Prohibited boiled, steamed, fried or cooked plant foods.

4 Jan. You can indulge in hot food, but without the addition of vegetable oil.

5 Jan. It is not recommended to expose the food to heat treatment. Before ending the post you expected to xerophagy.

January 6. Came Christmas eve, and therefore the post came to an end. It is believed that desirable eat until the first star. After that, you can cook delicious meals with the addition of oil. In the Church the feast of the wine ban is not subject.

During lent people are purified not only the body but the soul. It is necessary to do good deeds every day to say prayers. Ignoring this rule, you are turning advent at the usual strict diet. We wish you a happy New year and Christmas