Adele will not perform at the super bowl

British singer Adele thanked the organizers of the super Cup-2017 for the flattering invitation to perform at halftime of a sporting event, but politely declined to sing at the event. The celebrity told his fans during his concert in Los Angeles. Adele believes that Superbook has nothing to do with music. At least to her music.

“The organizers were very polite with me, but I have to say no. I don’t know how to dance and everything,” she said. Western media reported that the proposal to be received not only Adele, but also the group OneRepublic and singer Ryan Tedder.
The super bowl is an important sporting event in the USA, the final game for the championship of the NFL. The break is traditionally arranged colorful show, which invite the stars of the first magnitude. To perform at the super bowl is a dream of many celebrities, but, as you can see, not all.

Source: https://lenta.ru
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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