Adele spoke about depression and the unwillingness to have a second child

In an interview with Vanity Fair one of the most famous singers of our time spoke about the possibility of having a second child and post-Natal depression after the birth of her son Angelo.

The British singer has accepted a proposal of marriage from her lover and father of his only son Simon Konecki. Adele has promised a loved one to make his life even more colorful and full, but the joy of the birth of another child a man will experience not soon, because his wife refused again to go through the difficulties she has faced coming up with Angelo.

As admitted Adele, her earlier understanding of post-delivery depression was too limited: “All I knew was that a woman wants to be with his child, worried that could hurt him, worried that may be difficult to cope with their responsibilities. But I was just obsessed with my child. I was too inadequate. I thought I made the worst decision of my life.”

Adele said that to cope with difficult as it helped other moms that sent her Simon. It is recommended not to be closed in itself, solve the problem with a group of people experiencing the same experiences.

Adele really didn’t want to follow the advice of a loved one, but still obeyed him and came out of the depression that weighed on her entire family.


Source: aceshowbiz.com
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