Adele sent a staff over 100 miles for her favorite pizza

Previously Adele was impossible to suspect the star disease. It is with great pleasure communicated with his fans at his concerts helped them to make an offer hands and hearts for its mate, etc. overall, fans of the singer on her behavior did not complain, but the staff that provides comfort star told the press about the case that just threw them into shock.

Relaxing in a Soho Farmhouse hotel in Oxfordshire, Adele asked the staff to bring her her favorite pizza — as a result they had to go after her as much for 100 kilometers. It happened around 11 o’clock in the evening, however, is the requirement that the star was made.

Curiously, Adele refused to let the cook of the hotel where she was staying with the family, cooked the pizza exactly the same recipe as the favorite pizza of the singer. Most likely, Adele wanted to do as much pizza as the fulfillment of their wish.

“One of the staff drove all the way to London and came back with pizza. Unfortunately, by the time it was 3am — so Adele is already asleep” the source tells The Sun.

By the way, ate whether Adel pizza is not specified.

Source: popcornnews.ru
Photo: celebuzz.com

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