Adele said that will no longer be touring

British singer Adele, which is considered one of the best singers of our time, said that will no longer travel on a world tour. His sensational statement the actress made during a recent concert in New Zealand, the penultimate point of her world tour, which is due to end in June in London.

Speaking in Oakland, Adele, who loves to chat openly with the public, admitted that he is still very afraid of the scene, despite enormous experience, and this unexplained phobia makes vague plans for her future performances.

“I don’t love tour and still feel vulnerable during performances in front of a huge audience. Sometimes I feel a fear that you have no strength to go on stage. The only reason I decided to do this tour – it was you, but I’m not sure I ever again go on tour,” said Adele.
Over the past thirteen months, the gifted Briton has performed in big cities of Europe, North America and Australia. Despite four sold-out Wembley tour it will finish exactly where it started. Final performance will take place on 28 June this year.

“I’m so afraid live performances that will never try something new. In fact, the situation is getting worse. Well, or just not getting better, but she had to improve with time. I’m so nervous on stage that I don’t have the courage for improvisation. I refuse to festival. The idea of a huge crowd makes my heart beat so hard that it seems about to explode,” said the singer.

Source: http://metro.co.uk
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