Adele left the USA because of trump

Adele recently generous loud statement. Recently, the singer told about how she had a hard time after the birth of her firstborn, then she was shocked by the news that he is leaving the stage for the family, followed by news about the birth of her second child and planning a wedding with her lover.

Now to this set is added to the move.

British singer not long ago moved to the United States, but having lived here for a few months, Adele zasobiralis home. There are several reasons and one of them is Donald trump.

The fact that Adele agitated to vote for Hillary Clinton and was willing to live in a country ruled by a woman. Now, after the victory of the notorious businessman, British zasobiralis home.

Before 28-year-old Adele was a question of sale of estates in Los Angeles, which it acquired in may for $ 9.5 million.

Those close to the singer sources say that the decision to move her remains to be taken. Adele is torn, because she was used to a free life in “the States”, to the weather and, besides, her child started here to learn and he likes. On the other hand, in Britain, Adele feels as at ease, surrounded by people with the same Outlook on life that she had.

What do you think will be the performer at home?

Source: www.aceshowbiz.com
Photo: www.aceshowbiz.com

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