Actresses of “Sex and the city” forced to lose weight during the filming of the series

Actress Cynthia Nixon, known for her role as Miranda in the popular TV series “Sex and the city”, said in a recent interview that she and her colleagues were forced to lose weight during the filming of the TV show.

Together with colleagues Kristen bell, Tracy Ellis Ross and Michelle Monaghan Cynthia became a member of the last issue of the periodical The Edit, and discussed the topic of sexism in Hollywood and how Actresses age affects her work.

During the interview, Nixon thanked the famous feminist Lena Dunham for something that draws attention to a more realistic image of women, and admitted that the creators of the above mentioned popular series, in which she played, forced the actress to submit to fashion and to lose weight.
“All the time, while the shooting went. we were forced to lose weight and look slim. We had to look perfect always,” said Cynthia.
This year Nixon was fifty years old, but it does not bother her because she thinks roles have become more interesting.
“When you’re between 25 and 45, they usually offer to play someone’s mother, which is not very attractive from the point of view of the character and drama in General, and after fifty I began to offer a challenging role. I can be tough and nasty, even if you play someone’s mother,” admitted Cynthia.
Recall that the creators of the series “Sex in the city” which produced two successful feature-length continuation of the TV show, a new surprise to his fans, obviously, as a new film. So soon we will again see favorite four girlfriends on the screen.

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