Actress Zhu Zha Gabor before his death, pursued the spirit of Princess Diana

The death of 99-year-old socialite and actress Zsa Zsa Gabor is of Hungarian origin was a real deliverance. Favorite men, she will be remembered by all as a celebrity, changing men like gloves. Of the nine marriages, seven ended in divorce, and once in the cancellation.

The last years of his life to become again a living hell. She was in and out of hospital, suffered a stroke and even leg amputation. Sources close to the actress said that Zsa Zsa was “absolutely miserable” shortly before his death.

“She hated getting old, hated changes in your body. She didn’t want to be seen in this state,” — said insider. The only daughter of Gabor died in January last year. This information was long concealed from his mother, but she felt herself.

“When the Prince (the last, the ninth husband of Zsa Zsa Prince Frederic von Anhalt) organizing parties, she was always in his room and not come out until the last guests left. She never allowed me to see myself old and ugly. She hated being old, she thought that she was a prisoner to my own body and it brought her deep mental anguish and almost physical pain. She was always sad, very sad,” said the insider.

Until the last day Zsa Zsa was conscious and bright mind. she was aware of all the Hollywood gossip. She was interested in everything that was happening around. But on his deathbed, Gabor has made a sensational confession that could be considered hallucinations of the dying man, the actress said that she is haunted by the Ghost of Princess Diana allegedly due to the fact that stole her furniture. They really knew each other.

“We had a house in palm beach, there was the house of Charles and Diana, but she didn’t like there. When they left, they left a lot of furniture. We took her and moved to Los Angeles. It still stands in my house,” said Frederic, her husband gábor. In his final days before his death, Zsa Zsa said that the spirit of the late Princess Diana visits her and asked the husband to get rid of furniture.

“Zsa Zsa has always been a friend of Prince Philip, husband of Queen of England. She always felt guilty that he had left the furniture at no demand and said that feels the presence of Diana in the room where the furniture of the Princess. She even often seen her in her sleep,” said Frederick.






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