Actress who played the Mother of dragons and in life decided to become a blonde

Emilia Clarke decided in life to become a blonde. The girl posted a photo to Instagram straight from the beauty salon.

The star of the popular TV series “Game of thrones” Emilia Clarke has surprised fans of the fact that in real life I went blonde. Natural brown hair for life has long thought about changing the image, but could not decide on such a drastic change.

Emilia Clarke has published in a social network rather unexpected for fans of the straight from the beauty salon, where she sat still wet, but already white hair. The actress has signed a frame words that she’s now the Mother of dragons not only in the “Game of thrones”, but in real life.

Many fans of Daenerys, who played in the popular TV series Emilia Clarke, noted in the comments that the star is more blonde than her natural color, and also praised the celebrity for what she still decided to make such drastic changes in appearance.