Actress Salma Hayek suffered a terrible humiliation

Actress Salma Hayek suffered a terrible humiliation

The Hollywood actress admitted how she ended up in Hollywood.

Salma Hayek, who once started his career on the Mexican TV, was lucky to become one of the highest paid Actresses in Hollywood. But, it turns out, before it happened, she had to endure many humiliations.

According to Salma, when she moved from Mexico to Los Angeles, at the auditions, to put it mildly, not met with warm embraces. Agents severely criticized her looks, acting talent, and nationality. She had heard very unflattering remarks about her figure. It’s hard to believe now, but the beautiful actress was called a “short-legged Shorty”! Hayek still remembers all the humiliation she had to go on the way to glory. “All this would stop me, but I took it as a challenge! And promised myself that I will prove to everyone what I am worth!” — shared the actress in an interview.

Salma now lives the life, the dream of millions of her countrywomen. Most of the year Hayek along with a loving husband, billionaire Francois Henri-Pinault and daughter Valentina spends in a luxury apartment in London, where private school girls. And during the holidays the star family is relaxing at his Villa in France. Acting career of Salma has developed as well as her personal life. Even after the move and the birth of a baby Hayek no end of offers to act in films. Over the past year alone, the screens came three films with her participation, one of which was presented as part of the Cannes film festival. And recently, Salma was honoured to meet by the Pope, who personally handed her the award. However, the award is not tied to her work in the film — Hayek received this honor for active participation in the educational project of the Vatican.


Source and photo: 7days.ru