Actress Maria Berseneva underwent a serious operation on the spine

Actress Maria Berseneva, star of the popular series “Margot”, underwent a serious operation on the spine. Currently the actress is in rehab and gaining strength to get back to work. According to Mary take a long time for recovery she will need at least a month and a half.

Because of illness Berseneva was forced to postpone the premiere and tour of “Anna Kareninoj” which is now postponed indefinitely. But Maria does not lose optimism and I am sure that soon life will improve.
“I hope that everything will be fine and after some time I will be back in the ranks,” she says.
To cope with the disease helped her fans, who are remembering her charity project, launched a campaign in the social network called “boomerang of kindness” to support Maria, for which they thank you very much.
“My fans are the best in the world, I really appreciate their concern, you feel it every minute. I don’t have time to charge phones, which were ringing off the hook” — boasts actress.
We will remind that Maria Berseneva found a hernia, and there was a danger that life will be confined to a wheelchair. Fortunately, the operation was successful, and after the forced rest, the actress is again back in operation.

Source: https://dni.ru
Photo: http://www.margosha.su

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