Actor Vladimir Epifantsev fighting off persistent groupies – 24???

Vladimir yepifantsev, Russian actor and TV presenter, is involved in the film and leads the documentary series “film-Like” on NTV channel. In interviews to the press, the actor spoke about his creative activity, informs “StarHit”.

According to Vladimir, it seemed to him that the network Instagram can be attained unprecedented popularity, so he began to shoot videos for social media users. Complained to the artist and increased interest from fans.

As noted by Epifantsev, his posts are sometimes incorrectly interpreted, and in his video he just explores the relationship between men and women. The actor claims that he often stops communicating with the fans, but it makes some fans to act more radically.

Vladimir yepifantsev | Komsomolskaya Pravda “can’t pronounce a set of nasty words, which they use to classify my psycho” – said Vladimir.

According to the artist, he intends in the near future to become a blogger.