Actor Vasily Stepanov can’t find a job

In oblivion and lack of money mired in the film “Inhabited island” actor Vasily Stepanov. Young man for a long time to heal from depression, caused, apparently, by lack of demand. Basil lives in a tiny apartment and no job.

With the release of the tape by Fyodor Bondarchuk “Inhabited island” Stepanov, as they say, woke up famous. Fans and groupies pursued the artist, watched him under the porch, did not give the aisle, but the Basil that was no joy on the background of the popularity he had manic depression.
Already seven years have passed after the film was released, and Vasily finally found this coveted peace of mind. But that kind of extreme don’t like the artist. Stepanov managed to pull his shattered mental health and he is ready to be back in the cinema, so here’s the thing – it is all forgotten.
Former sex symbol shocked the journalists and their conditions of life. In a small Khrushchev Basil lives not alone but with his parents and younger brother, which even shares a room. Stepanov admits that toils without work, reads a lot and tries to maintain good physical shape is engaged on the bar. He even work in this area wanted to – tried to become a fitness instructor, but was refused due to lack of experience.

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