Actor Valery Nikolaev has avoided criminal punishment for accidents

A crime without punishment. Actor Valery Nikolaev, who is more recently know for his scandalous behavior and crime than for his work, escaped criminal punishment for the accident.

We will remind, several months ago he was a regular criminal reports. Setbacks in his personal life led Valeria to alcohol, and friendship with a green snake to the crimes. So, Nikolaev brought down the woman on the crosswalk, then fled the scene of an accident, simultaneously damaging several cars on the sidewalk (!). When police arrested the culprit, it turned out that at the time of the accident he was in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication.
For what he did he faced up to five years in prison, especially given that after that Valery had more mischief, but the Russian Themis took pity on the artist and he escaped with a fine of 150 thousand rubles. Prior to this, the star of the series “Bourgeois’s birthday” offset the damage a police officer and he demanded to close the case in connection with reconciliation of the parties.

Source: http://www.cosmo.ru
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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