Actor Tom Hiddleston childhood friends with Prince William

Actor Tom Hiddleston childhood friends with Prince William

It turned out an interesting detail about the childhood of actor Tom Hiddleston: it turned out the star of the film “the Avengers” went to school with the heir to the British crown.

In the late 90s Hiddleston and Prince William were students at Eton College – known in UK schools for boys. The College is under the patronage of the Royal family, in addition, it is not far from Windsor castle.

Remembering high school years, Hiddleston was deeply moved:

“In friendship, which starts in school, there is something special, because from an early age you’re away from home. So what kind of friendship is very strong. The friends I found at school, still very close to me, and when I see them, we talk as if there were no years. Now William is a very busy man, and he has more important things to do than to hang out with me. But sometimes we meet at premieres and it’s very cool!”


Source and photo: ru.hellomagazine.com