Actor Alexander Davydov: “Felix definitely would not be my friend”

Actor Alexander Davydov: “Felix definitely would not be my friend”

In the series “the Singer” he is a treacherous place, but in life – educated and intelligent bibliophile. Alexander Davydov told how he managed to understand his character and to “make friends” with him.

— Alexander, tell us how you got to the project “Singer”? How was the audition?

— I got a call and was invited to play Felix. Another character I didn’t audition, and in a sense it didn’t. I’m not the first time movies talented screenwriter and producer Tatiana Gnedash. Over the time the cooperation had to show all their acting ability to the full, therefore I consider as soon as ready the hero.

— Remember the first time I shot for the TV channel “Ukraine”?

— Of course. This was the first project of TV channel “Ukraine”, which again created Tatiana Gnedash. Then I came to audition and did not know what role I get, and will be able to play at all. Lucky. I became one of the heroes of the film “Marusia”.

— What books are you reading? And that I would advise to read your audience?

— I read a lot. Most of it is a classic. I am sure that there are a lot of talented writers and worthy books. However, realize that first you need to master, as they say, the basics, and then move on to modern literature.

My favorite writers are Chekhov and Dostoevsky. So many truths find in their works, you can easily use them today. These are things that don’t change even with age. For me, the editions of these authors are a basic Foundation in life. I advise everyone to read and even to reread these works.

— Behind you had a big enough acting experience. Played a positive role or negative. What position feel more comfortable?

— As they say in acting circles, the positive role played by mediocrity. Of course, it’s all a joke, but I’m personally more fun to play villains. However, we need to understand what is really in our life is positive and negative men, respectively, and roles. In every positive there is a negative part and Vice versa. Negative character is one not just so, everything has its own reason.

For Example, Felix. I have long tried to understand it and, in the end, suffered his essence. I found it a pain. I understand the origin of this pain. It’s all about the banal injustices of our lives. The jewels must belong to him by right, are in the hands of other people. So throughout the story he’s just trying to restore justice.

What if a similar story happened with you in real life, you would restore justice in the same way as Felix?

— No, I’m a completely different person.

— Would like to chat with a man like Felix?

— Fortunately, or unfortunately, we can’t guess at first sight who is a crook, a thief or a hypocrite. We can speculate about it at the moment more intimate contact. So, of course, if I already know Felix and his nature, friend of mine and he wouldn’t.

— In the series you play an unscrupulous man, who loved only his grandmother and the other women and the relationship to him a vain amusement…

— No, it is not. Felix still loves this woman. And that’s who she is, let the viewer know.

— But in real life, what qualities you appreciate in women?

Kindness, honesty, integrity and, of course, the mind. It is the mind, not the trick. It is important to see the difference. Well, femininity is the quality will not leave indifferent neither one man.

— What in your life do you consider the biggest achievement?

Something that I can help my parents. Members of my family close and warm relations for me is very important.

— How did you choose your profession? This is something dreamed about since childhood?

— Yes, dreamed of. But I have always thought that these ambitions will remain dreams. I was afraid to make a step towards your desire. It seemed to me that artists are some kind of gods. People, to reach which it is impossible. I thought I’m not one of these people, so after school he entered the automotive Institute.

Time passed, and the chosen profession pleasure does not bring, on the contrary – annoying. So, after a year and a half, at one point I dropped everything and decided to go to the theater. However, I gave myself a word if the first attempt does not pass the exams – more I will not try.

And to the surprise of all others, who believed that I am wasting my time, I was invited once in three theatre of the University. I chose the theater, and never for a moment did not regret about it.

— From the point of view of an experienced actor, how do you think, what stories are not enough Ukrainian cinema to meet the audience?

— Not enough human movies and history. I want more kindness, warmth. The whole world has gone crazy, watching the cinematic superheroes. Everyone is looking for some kind of supermen, an example to follow. And I still can’t understand who he is – a hero of our time. In my opinion, honor, conscience, dignity, and sincerity are the main components, who should be considered a hero.

And the series “the Singer” is what you need the viewer?

— First of all, each of us need to believe in yourself. Scripts Tatiana Gnedash inspire such faith in the common people. Because really, everything is possible, you only need to believe.

In most paintings the main character is a simple girl who fails to reach certain heights. After a severe fall, through envy, failure, but to reach your goal. These stories are important for everyone, especially for the younger generation. They argue that it is important not to lose hope, to not give up and succeed.

Remember Cinderella. Because all girls from an early age dream of that in their lives something like this happens. And it’s wonderful. Dreams can come true! Nowadays is quite difficult to live with, so let these positive, even a little fabulous films to give you inspiration, and most importantly faith in miracles.

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Source and photo: kanalukraina.tv