Actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson told how to respond to questions about their wife and 23-year age difference

Aaron Taylor Johnson is no newcomer to the cinema world. On account of the actor a few projects, but thanks to Ford and his second film, where he worked as a screenwriter and Director of “Under cover of night”, about it talked about as a serious actor, which is to call attention to. The proof is even a Golden globe that Aaron has received this year.

We will note that earlier in Hollywood, Taylor-Johnson was known not only as a talented actor, but as a young husband overage of Director Sam Taylor-Johnson. Couple together for 7 years. During this time, the Director managed to give birth to the young husband and two children – daughters Wilde and Romy.

Of course, not to pay attention to the age difference this pair is simply impossible. But, as Aaron recognizes, such attention to this subject it was very annoying: “People were pushy— said Aaron.— But what I had to deal with this early in his career undoubtedly led me to where I am today. I can just say, “screw it”, instead of to suffer from the desire to cut off the head that asks questions that I don’t like. […] I will never be like Jennifer Lawrence or Tom cruise. They can be in a movie, and then to go with a promotional tour and to be charming and charismatic. I have no such features. But, in the end, I feel comfortable to be who I am.”

We will remind, the wife of a 26-year-old actor currently 49 years old. By the way, she became a pioneer – directed the first part of the erotic novel “Fifty shades of grey”.


Source: segodnya.ua
Photo: instagram.com

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