Accusations of alcoholism angered Anastasia Volochkova

Many fans turned to Andrei Malakhov to save Anastasia Volochkova, allegedly suffering from alcoholism. Ballerina deeply resent the slander about my drinking.

Visit Andrey Malakhov in social networks began to receive numerous requests – supposedly from the fans who are begging him to save the ballerina.

“Andrew! Invite Volochkova on the show, she alkoholiohjelma… maybe You will listen, and cease to disgrace to the whole country, spreading their booze here. Aspen was transformed, and she will again become the person, you need to help the person, because although she is a former ballerina, but a public person (spelling and punctuation of the author saved)”, – said Malakhov, one of the subscribers.And this dirt just multiplies.

Volochkova outraged by such insults!

“Me against the open persecution of the wife of my former driver Sonya Skirtach I for theft out of work, crying star. These people zero open accounts in social networks and write with them all sorts of nasty things. I can say quite clearly that you need to treat me, and the souls of those evil creatures who live by lies and deceit.”

Mentioned dancer Sonia Skirtach, despite the huge debts of her husband, continues to insist he is innocent. And opposes ballerina, coming up with and telling her all sorts of stories, although women do not even know.

“Slander, insult, damage to business reputation – the lie about my alleged drinking, I can easily sue these people, – said Anastasia. But I hope they come to their senses and stop spreading defamatory information”.