Accident mom Kim Kardashian did the offending driver’s car for the homeless

60-year-old mom Kim Kardashian last week got in a car accident in which a normal person would have stopped the heart. And all because of what the car was injured in the accident. Kris Jenner broke your favorite white Rolls Royce and she received minor injuries in the form of a broken wrist, and easy fright.

Its Rolls Royce 250 thousand dollars went to the dump, but Chris long lamented, as on the morning of her daughters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney already bought her a new Rolls Royce, which did not differ from his “deceased” predecessor. And a gift was presented to the pompous woman. The car, dressed in a glass “box”, was driven through the streets of the city, and then brought to the house of Jenner.

While Chris enjoys his new car, another party crash think how to live further. It turned out that Jack’s way (guilty of the accident) for several months now, interrupted from one job to another, and live in that car that broke.

The situation for Jack’s compounded by the fact that he didn’t have insurance, so if Chris will decide to sue and claim compensation, its payment may be delayed for several years.

“What’s the point in the judicial process? Chris will win because I have nothing, and Chris – money. I have nothing against her, but I was unemployed and homeless, I have no way to defend himself or to prove his innocence,” said Jack in an interview with TMZ.


Source: style.news.am
Photo: style.news.am

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