Abundance codes: what numbers attract wealth

Numbers surround us throughout life, carrying a special energy. Some numbers attract financial good luck that in the modern world is a pretty useful feature.

Sometimes it’s not enough just to surround yourself with numbers of abundance. From time to time, and it is better to use the help of the codes of abundance. Code of abundance is a kind of number sequence that you must repeat every day at the same time. It operates as a conspiracy or an affirmation for money. Numbers you need to surround yourself, at the right time you are surrounded by essential energy.

What numbers attract money

As already mentioned, not all numbers attract wealth. Some work in the other direction, and some not strong enough for this. Let’s take each digit from 1 to 9 and Shine a light on their pros and cons. The number that will fit you in spirit and character, to make a talisman. You will need to surround yourself with them. For example, if you choose the mascot of the Unit, then you can choose a minimalist style in all — one pencil, one pen, one color of the Cabinet and so on. All you will need to stick to one. Numerologists say that the choice of number, the talisman should be made on the long term, because the formation of good luck happens far not at once.

Unit: number 1 is the beginning of everything, the embodiment of forward motion. In the financial sphere it acts indirectly, however it is also very important. The unit helps people to save, to see into the future and evaluate it sensibly. Is the number of analysts. If you work in a field where you need to constantly think about the future and analyze the moves, then that is your number. It can and should become your main mascot.

Deuce: this number clouds the mind and makes people more likely to think only about themselves. This is a bad assistant in financial Affairs. This selfishness is not prudent, but fruitless, hopeless, and totally pointless. The philosophy of the Two goes against the wealth, so use as a mascot this number is undesirable.

Three: if you elected the mascot of the Three, will benefit from this financially. You just need to understand that this is a great spiritual mentor. Is the number of harmony. It is the most versatile of all, but don’t underestimate his true power. Troika helps in almost any situation, and therefore for financial harmony, you need to use it.

Four: the number 4 is a symbiosis of two Twos. Is the unity of the uncombinable, the harmony of chaos. Four helps people to set goals and get rid of all the excess. Of course, in financial terms, this number can be useful, but it more helps us find ourselves. Life priorities to place Four does not help. It only lifts the curtain over the future. This is a very strange number in nature. As a permanent financial mascot it is not very useful.

Five: this figure is like the Golden mean, but it is very good for people-materialists. Five attracts financial good fortune, harmonizing the energy flows around the person. It is a good number for those whose financial life is connected with risk and adventure. It is perfect for businessmen and athletes.

Six: the number 6 represents a movement inward problems. It does not give that can give a different number in the financial sector. His speciality is love and relationships. Maximum beneficial effect is possible only when business acquaintances. Otherwise, trust the 6 your financial destiny is not worth it.

Seven: 7 is a lucky number, like Five, but at Seven there are extra “bonuses”. It can smooth out the rough edges that become sharp due to some conditions beyond the control of the people. Seven changes the destiny of man, when one interacts with him. The energy of this number can be directed in any direction.

Eight: 8 is the infinity sign. Circling is a bad choice for pragmatic people and those who wants to get rich. You need to spend more time in search of new opportunities, and eight you dwell, which adversely affects financial position.

Nine: this number is opposite to number 6. His power allows you to untie the knots tied by fate. Luck in financial matters will have to wait for those who are constantly associated with difficulties. This number is necessary for those who engaged in heavy physical or intellectual work.

Codes of abundance: attract wealth

So, the abundance code is a sequence of digits that you want to repeat in my mind every day at the same time. For example, at lunchtime or in the evening after work. You can repeat it in the morning, after waking up.

The best code is 1-3-5-7-9. It just so happened that all odd numbers are of great help in the money. Repeat these numbers in mind that your aura is tuned to the right wave. Over time this will lead to the fact that you will become more productive and successful. If you are missing just luck, it is better to repeat the other code of abundance: 5-7-5-7-3.

Numeric repeat this mantra and don’t forget that numbers are the best talismans for people who put the financial component of life in the first place. Of course, it is not necessary to dwell only on codes of abundance. Use and regular affirmations, telling myself often that you are full of strength and desire to become richer.

Luck is on your side when you are looking for. Be yourself and don’t change priorities too often. Your task is to strive to become better. Learn constantly and do not stop there. This philosophy will help you change your life for the better.