About Us – a Premier Digital Directory

The time cannot be stopped. Technological advancement seems to have reached a point where book becomes rather a piece of interior design than a source for information. It is neither a bad thing nor a good one. Information is changing its form into digital, that’s it.

Chasing latest things we forget about a simple fact that it is impossible to create something genuinely new. Even most unbelievable projects are originated from things existed way before our birth. We are not trying to say that everything is already created, just that all our ideas result from unconscious processing of the things seen before. Thus we are not creating, we are rethinking.

The paradigm was given to us much earlier than the invention of electronics, much earlier than the invention of book-printing. What can help us to dive into such deeps of mankind history? To realize what we always knew? To find a place where we have started? Apparently, the answer is a traditional library. We don’t expect much help from internet here. We see a clear historical injustice here. Literary injustice of mankind is drowned in a sea of digital information. Not much left of printed books.

“Cannot be found in Google means do not exist “– unfortunately, we are still far from this point. Our goal is to give you some bits and pieces of the spanless treasury of human thought that couldn’t be googled before.

With your help and support.