About the hero “Teor great wybuchu” znati okremi series

About the hero “Teor great wybuchu” znati okremi series

Novi project respost about unst uchenogo.

American channel CBS rotable project “Sheldon” – a prequel of the popular series “Theory of the great wabohu”, that launched Chuck Lorr I Pried Bill. Likely, the stench vsmall fate in spin-offs.

Novi show sacerdotisa on the most odious character “Teor great wabohu” – Sheldon Cooper. Now CBS want to show duzhe young uchenogo, Pereda Kinopoisk.

Young genius Buda 12 years, ale INSHI decal pokey not podomatic. Known that scho plot has not spellings, but some sources stargoat scho VIN stoval to peretvorivsya on powinni series.

The plot “Teor great wabohu”, Sheldon provv my ditinstvo to texascom mestechku Galveston, de pic together with brother George I. the sister of Bliznyuk MSS. Mother of Cooper, Mar, duzhe pabona Inca, vyhovovala SINV practical samot, Oskolki dad-alcoholic RDCO CCB charging.

At a time of yde desiati season “Teor great wabohu”. Nedavno previously reported, scho viconiuz golovnih roles in sitcom yea naybilsh vysokooplachivaema electorate.


Source: vesti-ukr.com