Able Aksenova there is an improvement

The actor already knows relatives and smiling

October 17, thanks to the help of the Concierge of the house in the street Pudovkina people’s artist of Russia, 81-year-old Mikhail Kokshenov has been delivered in resuscitation of the First city hospital. Pirogov. There, the results of the MRI, he was diagnosed with a massive stroke. For two weeks the actor was in serious condition.

26 Oct relatives arranged for his transfer to the Central clinical hospital ? 1 of the President administration. Now, according to his daughter Alevtina Bokros, Mikhail Mikhailovich, finally, there has been improvement. He already knows her and smiling, pass ria.ru. At the beginning of last week, his buddy, writer Arkady Inin, reported that for several days the artist remained almost continuously unconscious.